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"Learn how to learn, then learn what to learn."

Robert Kiyosaki

Our Principles

The team at MICAA Kindergarten Prep and Tutoring Services is composed of passionate and collegiate educators who work together to enhance each student’s knowledge and proficiency in academic subjects they choose to master. Our mission has remained the same, we must stay up-to-date with educational tools and resources to create personalized lesson plans that will address individual learning differences so each child may confidently continue to academically grow.


These recent years has been such a learning experiences for all of us, and especially our children with the transition of no school, online schooling, or home schooling. Many children struggled academically with the sudden transition. MICAA teaching methods provides the full-service academic support so your child may get back on track with their educational goals, build self -directing study habits & critical thinking skills, and gain back the confidence in their academic abilities.

Please review our services & FAQ or contact us. You may also view video content of sessions with children, please go to our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Teacher and Student

Grade K-12 Tutoring

We provide a heavy focus on academic achievement and social/emotional readiness for each grade level. A few programs we use: Reading Mastery, Reading Milestones, Expressive Writing Programs, and Touch Math, just to name a few.

Male Teacher with Students

Kindergarten & SSAT Prep

Our experienced tutor help students prepare for entrance exams, such as Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) and Secondary Schools Admissions Test (SSAT).

Woman Tutoring Child

Special Needs Services

Over 27 years of experience from our therapy tutors with various types of learners, such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Emotional Behavior Needs, as well as a range of speech and language needs that are categorized under the IEP (Individualized Education Program) and IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) service.

Working one: one, our tutors guide young learners through the process to tackle education challenges which builds habits of success and foster a love of learning. We find that when students understand how educational concepts apply to their daily lives, they learn to appreciate and often begin to enjoy thinking through problems, looking for patterns, and reasoning logically to come up with solutions. Our students benefit from a completely personalized educational program that increases engagement during the learning process, fosters academic improvements, and critical thinkers.

Business Hours

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